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Who we are

Professionalism, rigor, efficiency, authenticity, creativity, autonomy, and meticulousness are at the heart of the work of the DESAJ Laboratory team. These values allow us to reflect together on the psychosexual reality of adolescents and young adults, and the challenges they face in order to better understand their trajectories using shared methods and tools. We conduct cross-sectional and longitudinal research using quantitative and mixed methods in multi-site, multi-source, and multi-method studies.

Working within the DESAJ laboratory allows for both learning and improvement of research methods through teamwork and partnership, while also encouraging professional networking among students. The team also encourages new ideas and promotes mutual assistance.

Being part of the DESAJ laboratory is both professionally and personally enriching, as it involves working in a stimulating and lively environment, with a friendly atmosphere. The expertise, passion and uniqueness of its team members creates a variety of tasks and original research projects, making the DESAJ laboratory an ideal organization to conduct the large-scale projects it undertakes.