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Project DiverCity

This new project aims to explore the key events that marks the transition to a sexually active life of LGBTQ+ individuals.

  • As far as we know, no research to date has focused on the first sexual experiences of women who have sex with women (WSW).
  • It’s important to be critical of what we consider to be a sexual act, since those conceptions differ from person to person.
  • We must not presume of the meaning that any intimate or sexual act can hold for other people. It’s important to be aware of our own biases in order not to reproduce cis-heterocentric ideas regarding an active sexual life. Sexuality and its associated health risks are often related to coitus only, thus invisibilizing non-coital sexuality.
  • Focusing on behaviours instead of sexual orientation allows for a better understanding of the array of experienced lived by non-heterosexual individuals, regardless of their auto-identification.

Thus, this projects aims to explore the specificity of WSW’s sexuality, since the research regarding their lived experiences rarely looks at their sexuality outside of the heterocentered angle of virginity.


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